Services Offered by Drainclear

DrainClear offer five key services to help you get to the solution of your problem whether its related to pipes, drains, sewers or shores.

Drain Unblocking

Drain UnblockOur core business is to unblock drains in homes and business's. This can range from a local blockage in a toilet to a blockage of the entire house or workplace waste system.

Typically drains can be unblocked in one hour. See our pricing structure to understand more about our pricing and how we will guarantee our work.

Burst Pipe & Drain Repair

Drain RepairWe repair broken drains & burst pipes ranging from household bathroom and kitchen drainage through to commercial 4inch and 12inch drainage.

Typically the dig work involved is billed out on a half day basis. We make every effort to minimise disruption to your premises during the repair work.

Long Term Fix With CCTV

Drain CameraUsing CCTV camera technology we can video the inside of your drain and identify what malfunction in the drainage system is causing it to block.

From here we can give you an accurate estimate on what will be required to repair the drain so that the cause of the blockage is eliminated for ever.

Household Plumbing

Plumbing RepairsIf the cause of your blockage or leak is faulty plumbing, we are fully equipped to carry out plumbing repairs.

Our vans are pre stocked with a range of plumbing fixtures to make sure our technician can fix the problem there and then.

Commercial Applications

Drain DublinWe provide a variety of commercial services to hotel, restaurant, fast food, offices and facilities management companies.

We provide a capped price model where you can budget at the start of the year for an unlimited number of callouts.

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