Quality is Key

Drain Clear are committed to quality workmanship. When your drain has a problem, you want it fixed quickly, cleanly and properly so as it doesn't break again.


ExperienceOur technicians have over 5 years experience each and know how to go about fixing your drainage issue. They are equipped with the power jet systems, CCTV cameras and cleaning equipment to correctly repair your drainage.


Drain Camera
  • Each van is equipped with a high pressure water jet operating at 4,000psi and using 12 gallons of water per minute. It allows us to clear blockages and de-scale pipes in one operation
  • We carry a range of hose capable of cleaning pipes from 50mm (1”) to 300MM (12”). This allows us to tackle everything from your bathroom sink to household drain.
  • Our CCTV systems allow us to investigate the cause of drain breakdown.


CleanlinessCleanliness is crucial when dealing with messy situations and home and building interiors. Our technicians arrive at each job clean and with the equipment to ensure they do not dirty your premises during the course of their work. All areas are disinfected once the blockage is removed.

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