Household Plumbing

A blocked drain or a burst pipe is in most cases another unexpected household expense that most homeowners could be doing without. In this current economic climate household budgeting is everything and it makes sense to shop around.

Here at Drainclear, we offer extremely competitive pricing teamed with highly experienced staff.

Time is of the essence when your pipes are leaking and your home not only smells foul, but is under threat of receiving some real structural damage caused by in some cases a small leak.  The costs of repair can easily spiral. Here at Drainclear we believe that unblocking your drain should not be very expensive!

  • We do not charge a call out fee.
  • We charge by the half hour and not the typical minimum hourly rate most drainage companies offer.
  • If your drain blocks within four weeks of our visit, we will call again and fix it for free - that's a guarantee!

If the cause of your blockage or leak is faulty plumbing, we are fully equipped to carry out plumbing repairs.  Our vans are pre stocked with a range of plumbing fixtures to make sure our technician can fix the problem there and then, leaving you free to pop the kettle on and relax!

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