Drain Unblocking

Blocked drains are a real pain! Foul smelling, toxic and overflowing drain blockages can occur in a domestic setting like a family bathroom or in a commercial workplace drainage system.

Blocked drains at home can lead to embarrassing and foul smells. Blocked waste drainage systems in the workplace and commercial environments can not only pose hazardous risk to all staff members but also can cost the business owner customers, reputation and revenue!

Fortunately, our technicians have at least 5 years’ experience in the plumbing and drainage business and will access, identify and solve your drain blockage in an efficient and friendly way. 

Our principal goal is to unblock drains in homes and businesses typically within 1 hour.

Unblocking your domestic or commercial drains need not be a major expense, here at Drainclear we are committed to providing each customer with the best possible service at unbeatable prices.

  • We do not charge a call out fee
  • All drain repairs come with a FREE Quotation Call Now
  • We charge by the half hour and not a typical minimum hourly rate
  • If your drain blocks within four weeks of our visit, we will call again and fix it for free - that's our guarantee!
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